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Routes 16, 16A and 48A

Posted by csalem83 on March 15, 2013 at 11:50 AM

An update that covers three routes over three years.

Having completed the 14A, I decided to end 2010 by doing the final two routes to Ballinteer: the 48A and the 16. It was quite handy doing these routes on 31st December as I was required that evening in Whitehall so doing the 16 fulfilled two purposes. Of course the downside of doing the routes on New Year's Eve was thet lighting conditions were not great and I got few photos from that day. I also very nearly missed the 48A as I was initially standing on the wrong side of Parnell Square, but a quick dash ensured I arrived on time. It was then a pleasant journey out to Ballinteer, but when I got there the weather turned wet and quickly made my way to the 16 terminus to get a bus cross-city to Santry. Both routes were known for RVs but on that day I managed to get an ALX 400 on the two services I travelled on. The 48A went in the Network Direct changes that brought about the new route 14.

A number of times I made attempts to travel on the 16A but something always happened that prevented me from completing the route. Then in May 2012 it was announced it was to be replaced by a new 16 so I had a powerful impetus to do it and on its very last day of existence, 12th May 2012, I finally completed the route. Again this was a route known for RVs but I got an AV all the way from Dublin Airport to Nutgrove.

Under the Network Direct changes the 16 was removed from Santry and the 16A from Nutgrove, and the remaining parts from Dublin Airport to Ballinteer were combined into a new 16. However, in the morning peak period there are three other departure points on the 16: Santry, Larkhill and Collins Avenue. On the 14th Marh 2013 I decided to cover the new route and the day started with a dash out to Santry to photograph the 07:40 departure from Shanard Road. It was then a dash around to Larkhill to get the 08:00 16 from there and another dash to Collins Avenue to get the 08:10 departure but it did not appear. Thankfully the 08:30 from there did run. In the morning peak, these Collins Avenue departures run anti-clockwise through Beaumont as the regular route would involve two right-hand turns, crossing traffic and at that time of the day, delays would ensue. After a quick coffee to revive myself I headed out to Dublin Airport to get the 09:36 16 to Ballinteer. I then walked part of the journey back to get some more pictures, and took my last shot 9 hours after my first. It could be a while before I photograph the 16 again!

Shots from the journeys can be found here.

An overview of the routes with historical shots is here.

On a final post script, the 16 holds the distinction of having the last RV in passenger service. On the 19th December 2012, RV 560 departed Ballinteer on the 11:12 departure and when it reached the Airport it went out of service and ended the Olympian-era with Dublin Bus. Pictures from that day can be found here.

And that concludes the journeys undertaken in 2010. Next update will start the 2011 travels.

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