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Friday 13th and Route 13

Posted by csalem83 on March 30, 2015 at 2:35 PM

A journey undertaken on Dublin Bus route 13 in March 2015.

The previous update covered route 83 which runs from Kimmage to Harristown. However, I had no photograph of the route at Harristown in the update so I had to head out there to get one. I also decided that it was time to do the final route that terminates in Harristown, the 13, and therefore I would not have to go back out there for any more updates. This was quite the incentive as it is a bit of a walk from the city centre.

The current 13 was created under Network Direct and came into existence on the 2nd Octonber 2011 following the merging of the 13, 13A, 51B and 51C. The current route runs from Harristown to Grange Castle. On the northside it covers the old 13 and 13A and runs from Harristown to the City Centre via Poppintree, Ballymun, Griffith Avenue and Drumcondra. The old 13 used Whitworth Road between Drumcondra and Glasnevin, whereas the current route follows the old 13A through Drumcondra and Griffith Avenue. This is the only bus route to use a substantial part of Griffith Avenue although the 123 terminates on it at the east end and the 83 passes by its western extremity. The 13 shares the Ballymun Road at various points with the 4, 9, 11, and 17A (routes already covered on this website) and was once the main bus route to Ballymun, but the more direct 4 has taken over that position.

On the southside the route runs from City Centre to Grange Castle via Kilmainham, Inchicore, Naas Road, Clondalkin Village, and Bawnogue replacing the 51B and 51C. Between the Grand Canal and Red Cow the bus route parallels the Luas Red Line which took some business from the bus routes as it is faster between those two points. At the Long Mile Road/Naas Road Junction the 13 crosses the 151, a route it meets again on the other side of Clondalkin at two points on the New Nangor Road before running together into Grange Castle. The 151 continues through to Foxborough. The 151 is a quicker route to the New Nangor Road and Grange Castle from the City Centre than the 13 and is now the only all-day connection to the 51 group of routes which were synonymous with the Clondalkin area. Peak-time Xpresso routes 51D and 51X are the only routes left to use the 51 number.

The current 13 in some ways symbolises the old and new Ireland. At either end it passes through developments from the Celtic Tiger. Harristown depot is at one end, and it was proposed a decade ago to build another depot in Grange Castle, a busines park home to high-tech industries. The economic collapse meant it was not feasible to build the depot. The route passes through what is considered working class areas of Dublin: Clondalkin, Inchicore and Ballymun. The latter was home to several high-rise blocks of flats which were demolished and replaced with new houses during a regeneration that has taken place over the last twenty years. Clondalkin saw many new houses built around it during the 1990s and the Luas line itself was opened in 2001. On the other hand Inchicore and Drumcondra are much older parts of Dublin with narrow streets and red brick houses. This route certainly does not go through the posher parts of Dublin and does unfortunately have a bit of a reputation. Unfortunately it regularly appears on the news page of the Dublin Bus site where it is announced it has been pulled from certain parts of the route due to anti-social beahviour. I am happy to say I experienced no problems on the two days I did the routes, even though one of them was Friday the 13th!

When I started this site some people said I would never do certain routes due to their reputations and this was one of those routes. But I have done it and just need to do the 220 to complete the bus routes of Ballymun. For Clondalkin I need to do a few more (68, 69 and 76) but another one of the Network Direct cross-city routes has been completed. Just the 15, 27 and 40 left to do. Watch this space...

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