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Beaumont to Beaumont...Route 14

Posted by csalem83 on August 24, 2015 at 2:25 PM

A journey undertaken on Dublin Bus route 14 on the 22nd August 2015.

For the second update in a row we are going On The Beaten Track by revisiting a route already covered. In this case it is route 14 which runs from Ardlea Road to Dundrum. When I did this route in 2013 I sort of skipped an important part of it, the loop around Ballinteer. This was a bit unforgivable since the main purpose of the 14 is to serve Ballinteer! This purpose of this revisit was to rectify that omission. 

The current route 14 started on the 7th August 2011 through the merging of a number of other routes: 14, 14A, 20B and 48A. The current northside terminus is on Ardlea Road, or to be more accurate Maryfield Drive, just off Ardlea Road. The 20B had Ardlea Road on the bus destinations and the new 14 followed suit. Just to add to the confusion the Real Time Passenger Information screens on the roadside show the 14 as going to Beaumont. The route travels along Skelly's Lane after departing the terminus and on the Beaumont Road joins up with the 16. Coincidentally the 16 also goes to Ballinteer but a different part to that served by the 14. Dublin Bus must feel that Beaumont and Ballinteer require good connections. At Collins Avenue the 16 turns towards Whitehall while the 14 heads for Donnycarney where it joins the Malahide Road. It then works its way into the City Centre through Fairview and continues on to Rathmines. Initially it went via Earlsfort Terrace and Adelaide Road but due to the Luas Cross City works it now goes via Dame Street and Camden Street. After passing through Rathmines it continues on to Rathgar before joining Orwell Road. From Donnycarney to Rathgar the 14 runs in tandem with the 15 (From College Street it picks up the 15A and 15B). After turning onto Orwell Road, it briefly runs with the 15B as far as Zion Road, before it continues on on its own along Orwell Road, crossing the River Dodder before turning onto Braemor Park (which is in Dublin 14). After joining Braemor Road the route enters Churchtown. It heads for Ballinteer along Beaumont Avenue (many kilometers from the Beaumont the bus departed from on the northside) and Barton Road East. Along the latter it passes Meadow Grove which was once the terminus of the 14A. The route then joins Broadford Road and picks up the 75 for the run to Dundrum, and enters Ballinteer at the junction with Stonemason's Way. This was formerly the terminus of the 14 and 14A and just after the junction was the terminus of the 48A. After passing through Ballinteer the route reaches Wyckham Way after traversing Ballinteer Avenue. It then turns onto Ballinteer Road to reach Dundrum. On Main Street in Dundrum the route loses the 75 but gains the 44 as it heads for the terminus beside the Dundrum Luas Station. And here it completes its journey across the city.

The current route as already mentioned is made up of components of a number of other routes. The northside leg from Eden Quay to Ardlea Road is the old 20B, while the southside leg is for the most part the old 14, but not the original 14. The original 14 tram went as far as Dartry and that is where the buses continued to serve when they took over. As the route was extended to Churchtown and Meadowgrove Park, it became the 14A while the 14 was introduced to Braemor Road via Rathgar. In 1995 both routes were extended to Marley Court Road/Broadford Road and thus started serving Ballinteer. In the mid-2000s the two routes were further extended to Dundrum along the route the current 14 takes. THe stretch from Broadford Road to Dundrum was also served by the 48A which went on to the City Centre via Milltown and Ranelagh. Under Network Direct this route was abolished due to the duplication with the 14, and the 61 was introduced to replace it between Dundrum and the City Centre.

The 20B was those numbering oddities for it was on its own for a while towards the end, with their being no 20 and 20A.

As it is a cross-city route, the 14 has a number of functions. It connects people in Beaumont and Collins Avenue with the City Centre. It provides extra capacity along the Malahide Road, and also brings people to the shopping centre in Artane near its northern terminus. On the southside it provides extra capacity on the Rathmines/Rathgar corridor and is the main bus route to Churchtown, although the 61 also serves part of it. From Churchtown/Ballinteer its primamry purpose is to connect people in those areas with the amenities in Dundrum. It is not the main, nor direct, bus route that connects Dundrum with the City Centre. The 44, and the 61, provide a much quicker connection between the two, although the Luas is even faster.

The old 20B was operated by Summerhill Garage, while the 14, 14A and 48A were operated by Donnybrook. The 20B was mainly home to AV 110-115, while the Donnybrook routes for many years were home to Olympians. The new 14 is operated by both garages and started with ALX 400s. However in 2015 the National Transport Authority produced a list of routes that had to be operated by dual-door buses and the 14 was one of them. Summerhill moved their GTs from the 33 to the 14, while Donnybrook used GTs from the 7 freed up by the arrival of the SGs. The route is now wholly operated by the GTs, though on those precious rare occassions other buses do appear.

The route is worth doing from Dundrum, heading north, because between Ballinteer and Churchtown there are some nice panormaic views of the city to be had. It is also a more enjoyable journey into the city from Ballinteer compared to the 16. 

This initial entry covers the 14, and the overview page covers the 14 and 14A. At a future date an overview page will be added detailing the 20B and 48A.

For the page on the 2015 coverage of route 14, click here

For an overview page of routes 14 and 14A, with many older shots of both routes, click here

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