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Take-off to the Airport...Route 757

Posted by csalem83 on April 2, 2017 at 1:35 PM

It is 2017 and Off The Beaten Track is back! When I did the 145 in October 2015 and took a break, I expected it to be the usual four months. I did not expect it to last eighteen months! However real life often has a habit of getting in the way and after going through changes and upheaval, I am now able to start doing updates to Off The Beaten Track once more in 2017.


There have been a number of developments to the Dublin Bus network during those eighteen months. We had to say goodbye to a route, hello to the return of former route numbers and get used to changes introduced on other routes. We also had to welcome a few new routes during that timeframe and 2017 on this website is starting with a look at one of those new routes.


In June 2016 Dublin Bus started operating route 757 between the southside of Dublin city and Dublin Airport. Being part of the Airlink brand, this is a commercially-operated route and not part of the Public Service Obligation network in the capital. After the economic crash of nearly a decade ago, Ireland and Dublin has being undergoing a few years of recovery. This is most evident at Dublin Airport where records are being broken on a regular basis. With this increase in traffic Dublin Bus decided to expand its Airlink offering. The 747 that runs between Dublin Airport and Heuston Station went from every 15 minutes to every 10 minutes and was given longer operating hours. To supplement it the 757 was also introduced it.


The 757 follows the 747 from Dublin Airport to the docklands via Terminal 2 and the Dublin Port Tunnel. From there the routes diverge with the 747 continuing along the quays, while the 757 uses Sheriff Street outbound and Mayor Street inbound as it travels from/to Guild Street. The route then crosses the River Liffey (near the Convention Centre) over the Samuel Beckett Bridge. This is a relatively new bridge over the river, having opened in December 2009. From there the bus passes the offices of Twitter on Cardiff Lane and the Bord Gais Energy Theatre on Macken Street before turning onto Pearse Street. It is at this point the 757 gets relatively interesting. Inbound the route continues along Pearse Street and turns left onto Westland Row at Pearse Railway Station. Outbound, the bus turns left from Westland Row onto Pearse Street before taking a tight right under the railway bridge into Mark Street. At the end of Mark Street it turns onto Townsend Street before joining Pearse Street. This is an unusual manoeuver and the 757 is the only bus route that uses Mark Street. Inbound from Westland Row the bus reaches Merrion Square via Lincoln Place while in opposite direction it uses Clare Street. From Merrion Square it passes through St. Stephen’s Green and Earlsfort Terrace. Inbound the route reaches the terminus via Adelaide Road and Camden Street while outbound it uses Hatch Street between Charlotte Way and Earlsfort Terrace. The terminus on Charlotte Way is near the Harcourt stop on Luas Green Line, itself built outside the former Harcourt Street Railway Station.


The route serves several key parts of the city, including the Central Business District, as well as many hotels. It connects in with the railway line as well as both Luas lines. Furthermore, it serves a number of leisure and entertainment locations. Overall it is a good and useful addition to the network.


When the route commenced, along with the increase in frequency on the 747, there were not enough Airlink VGs to operate it. This resulted in Harristown transferring a number of theirs to Summerhill, after they had been upgraded and repainted for Airlink duty. As a result, almost half of the VG fleet is now dedicated to Airlink, with VG 27 to 50 all in Summerhill.


The routing is quite different in places depending on which direction you are going, but I would recommend the outbound service, just to experience Mark Street. On the 25th March 2017, I travelled on Summerhill’s VG 29.

For the page on route 757, click here

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